IESO Gas-Electric Alignment study

Earlier this year, the IESO issued an RFP to investigate opportunities and challenges associated with the alignment of the Day-Ahead Commitment Process (DACP) and gas market timeframes. The report was developed by Workbench Corp in part from specific conversations with stakeholders to gather information. Report findings provide clarity of the interaction between the DACP and gas market timeframes. In the interest of transparency, the IESO is making this report available. Workbench and the IESO thanks stakeholders for their participation in the study.

Canadian Solar’s Ontario facility becomes IESO dispatchable

Among Canadian Solar’s vast portfolio of projects is the first ground-mounted solar facility in Ontario to be operated as an IESO market participant. This 30 MW facility connected to the high-voltage Hydro One transmission grid in New Liskeard was designed to be responsive to market signals and react to dispatch instructions from the IESO.  Canadian Solar developed the project and with the help of Workbench, enabled the commercial operation of the facility as a compliant IESO market participant until its ultimate sale to TransCanada.

Meet the team

jason rioux president

Jason Rioux

Chair & Strategist

With niche expertise in gas and power interface and commercial matters, Jason Rioux has a proven track record in the development and operational stages of energy projects, specializing in Ontario’s complex energy market, contracting, regulatory, and political environments.


    Heather Sears

    VP - Gas & Power Services

    Heather Sears specializes in short notice gas management strategies, and all aspects of commercial operations with respect to gas-fired generation under contract to the Province of Ontario's IESO.

      Jennifer Jayapalan Director Gas Power Services Workbench Corp

      Jennifer Jayapalan

      Director of Gas & Power Services

      Jennifer Jayapalan's depth and breadth of knowledge in commercial operations, settlements and contract management within the IESO is unparalleled: she can trace a MW of electricity from the purchase of its source fuel to the last cent it has earned its supplier and cost its user.

        Sandy Drysdale Fuels Specialist Workbench Corp

        Sandy Drysdale

        Fuels Specialist

        Sandy Drysdale has spent 40+ years in the energy industry. From coal to gas to biomass, Sandy was instrumental in the development of OPG’s biomass program, and the creation of new supply chains to sustain and support this new resource technology.


          Victoria Cheng

          Director of Marketing

          Victoria Cheng manages client accounts in the energy sector. Having held numerous management positions, her experience with not-for-profit, government and corporations spanning several industries gives her a knack for making things function smoothly behind the scenes.


            Brad Wilke

            Controls Systems Specialist

            Brad Wilke's background in control systems engineering and asset management give him a detailed understanding of the business, technical and IT operations of power plants.  As a professional engineer, his technical expertise coupled with a genuine interest in data management and process efficiency make Brad a valuable asset not only to us, but to our clients.  


              Energy Managers

              We are looking to add some talent to our Energy Management Desk. If you have energy sector experience, contact us.

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