Energy Management Training

Workbench Corp Jason Rioux Heather Sears Training Natural Gas PipelineYou know your obligations under the market rules. You know your gas supply and management contracts. What you need to understand is how your gas services can efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably support the flexibility and variability you need to operate in the IESO market.

We’ll teach you what you need to know in energy management so you can improve your game.

Workbench develops and delivers customized training packages for your organization to support operations staff, commercial staff, and executive leadership.

We can help with:

  • Commercial operation in IESO market from offer development and submission to outage communication
  • Natural gas market operations, balancing and supply alternatives
  • Contract management strategies for PPAs, obligations
  • Integration of these elements into a cohesive, flexible approach to energy management

Workbench delivers high performing energy projects by making smart, strategic moves every step of the way.

In pursuit of excellence, Workbench strives to raise the bar in the Ontario energy sector by ensuring our clients are at the leading edge.  Let’s navigate the gas and power markets together.  Contact us.

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